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TSA SMM 31-days of Word & Prayer - Aug 18 2020

The Salvation Army

Singapore 🇸🇬 Malaysia 🇲🇾 and Myanmar 🇲🇲 with Thailand 🇹🇭 Territory.  

T. H. Q.  Program Department.

18 August, 2020

Greetings this morning.  I have a little different devotional for you today.  It’s a short church service (approx 15m). Pray you will enjoy a little change in style but not in content.  

Opening Song “Crown Him with many Crown”

Scripture reading: Psalm 106:7-13


Dear Lord Jesus, today we are remembering the Territorial initiative 24/7, 31 days of prayer. Pray that You will hear our prayer.  Come in Your power and faithfulness.   

Lord we pray You will protect the church in these days.   Protect its members as we go through these trying times.  Pray as we all strive to be all that we need to be - pray You will give us patience with each other.  Loving and kind.   

Lord the church is not closed.   For we are the church.  Lord it is in Your people that You live and have Your being.   

Bless our leaders Lord.   Anoint them with the presence of the Holy Spirit.  Give them clarity, strength and courage.   May we always put You and the Kingdom of God first.   

In Jesus Name.  Amen.

Jeremiah 17:7-8

“They shall be like a tree planted by the waters which spreads out its roots by the river.  And will not fear when the heat comes.”

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